Recovering from Mold Toxicity

Recovering from Mold Toxicity Mold Exposure Mold exposure is likely more common than we realize. It is often found indoors after leaks or water damage occur. It is often challenging to confirm mold exposure in homes because it often hides behind drywall, growing hidden from sight. As mold grows, spores are released into the air […]

Resources for Mental/Emotional Well-Being

Resources for Mental & Emotional Well-Being Our physical wellness is profoundly tied into our mental and emotional well-being. There are many ways to reduce stress, heal wounds, develop more emotional intelligence, and generally increase our daily sense of well-being. Highlighted below are a few of our favorites. These programs and techniques can, and will, make […]

Ayurvedic Mung Bean Soup Recipe from Dr. Naram

Dr. Naram’s Ayurvedic Mung Bean Soup Recipe This mung bean soup has many healing benefits, including: Highly nutritious Helps balance all 3 doshas, which in Ayurveda are “life elements.” The balance of doshas is considered essential for our physical, mental, and emotional health. Aids in clearing away aam, or toxins   Ingredients: 1 cup whole […]


Treatments From a HealthSpan by Design perspective, it is critical to address the root cause of any symptom or disease rather than simply address the immediate presentation of symptoms or pain. There are MANY treatments that can make a profound difference in optimizing our health. Below is a list of possible treatments. Please note, this […]

Movement and Exercise

Movement and Exercise Movement and exercise are vital to health by providing many functions, from traditional benefits such as reducing stress to increasing longevity. We need movement for our cells to function normally, in the same way that we need food, water, the sun, and oxygen. Studies show that movement and exercise facilitate reprogramming of […]

Hydrogen Peroxide to Support the Immune System

Hydrogen Peroxide to Support the Immune System Hydrogen peroxide is naturally produced by our cells. Though it is well known as a disinfectant, it is made by white blood cells as part of the immune system. Furthermore, some studies suggest that hydrogen peroxide actually activates the immune system by bringing white blood cells to areas […]

Coffee Enemas

Coffee Enemas Coffee enemas are used to detoxify the body of toxins. Toxins can be held in the colon, particularly in the transverse colon. One mechanism that coffee enemas work is by increasing glutathione, the master antioxidant of the body. If you have had any gastrointestinal health problems, you may wish to consult with your […]