Rejuvenation Clay and Psyllium


Clays have been used for literally thousands of years to detoxify the body, which is important for optimal health.  Toxins are detrimental for body organs, from brain to colon.  For example, an herb containing clay is used in traditional Chinese Medicine to calm the mind.

How to take:

The optimal dosage of clay to take will vary with a person’s diet and habits.  For example, if someone eats a generally organic, clean diet filled with naturally detoxifying foods such as greens, three times a week may be all that is necessary.

If, for whatever reason, an individual’s diet has a higher amount of toxins, such as often occurs in traveling, more often may be necessary, such as five times a week.  It is best not to take the clay every day to give the system a rest, as the clay will bind toxins which must then be removed.

It is best to take clay just before sleeping, as the body naturally detoxifies itself at night.  If you prefer to take it in the morning, take the clay at least one hour away from having food.  If you eat late at night, it may support your natural detoxification system by eating an earlier dinner.

You may wish to start with ½ teaspoon as a starting dose, and then, based on how you feel, move up to one teaspoon as a maintenance dose, or whatever dose you find that works best for you.

As clay is a binder, it is helpful to take psyllium, a common fiber supplement for constipation.  Increasing fiber in your diet supports movement of the toxins out of your system.  A common dose of psyllium is one teaspoon.  It is best not to take anything, even supplements, near the clay, so the psyllium can be taken in the morning or at night as long as it’s at least one hour away from the clay.  Psyllium can be taken as often as needed to have comfortable bowel movements, though it is also wise not to take every single day so the body has a rest from this as well.  It is also supportive to take for a week before a colonic to support cleansing; however, after a colonic, it is best not to take for a week to give the system rest.

Psyllium may also be beneficial to take, regardless of whether you take Rejuvenation Clay.

In total, every aspect of how we live will influence our detoxification abilities.  We recommend to eat organic when possible, including greens and green juice, and other healthy foods.  Avoid “ultra-processed” foods which have now been found to contribute to a variety of health risks.  

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